Presentations and Reports


ARPA-E Seminar, Rolland Johnson, Sept. 26, 2019ARPA-E Sept 26 2019 Seminar v6.pdf
BNL Colloquium, Rolland Johnson, May 7, 2019BNL Colloquium May 7 2019 wv1.pdf
Presentation on Mu*STAR in Atlanta, Rolland Johnson, Apr. 2, 2019v4 NEInsider Atlanta Presentation Apr 2 2019.pdf



InspireHEP.net is a general search service for papers in High Energy Physics. It lists almost all of our publications. Here is a search listing over 600 papers with an author from Muons, Inc.:
       INSPIREHEP Search
That is a general search for affiliation=muons, which can be narrowed in many ways.

Many of our papers and reports have been published in the proceedings of various conferences hosted on the JACOW website (Joint Accelerator Conferences Website).
Here is the general search page for proceedings at JACOW:
       JACOW Search
Look especially in these conferences:
        IPAC          International Particle Accelerator Conference
        NA-PAC    North America Particle Accelerator Conference
        PAC          Particle Accelerator Conference (predates the above)
        LINAC       International Linear Accelerator Conference