We offer several different designs of ion sources for high intensity particle accelerators.

The development of high-performance H- ion sources is an effective method for improving the next generation of high power proton accelerators. The SNS at ORNL needs improved H- source performance to meet upgraded SNS requirements. The PIP-II Proton driver at Fermilab needs a CW H- Ion Source to satisfy demanding performance specifications. Many other new accelerator projects need CW and pulsed H- beams with performance exceeding those achieved today. Currently, there is no H- source that satisfies such demands. We have designs that exceed them.

High beam polarization (above 90%) is essential to the scientific productivity of new energy and luminosity frontier colliders. We have designs for a single universal H-/D-/He++ ion source to allow more reliable and efficient delivery of higher intensity beams to powerful particle accelerators used to explore the fundamental properties of nature.

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